Photo Contest Overview


We’re looking for photographs of your activities and initiatives for environmental conservation! By showing everyone your activities, we will be able to learn about all kinds of initiatives from around the world, which will help us to further promote environmental conservation efforts and activities.

In the form of a photo contest we are aspiring to make people think about the flow of reality, the importance of all activities, the benefits for the environment and the hopes for the future. The purpose of the contest is to make as many people aware of environmental conservation in their immediate surroundings through photographs. This way, we believe that we can contribute to environmental conservation activities around the world.

The target images must be photographs of activities around the world and environmental conservation activities within one year of submission. Regardless of where the environmental conservation activities were held,  the submitted photographs must include environmental conservation activities conducted at coasts, lakes, mountains, roads, etc. In the motto of a “beautiful natural environment”, please take a picture of a place in your immediate surrounding that you want to protect.

*For applications from Rotary Clubs, it is preferable that the pictures include an activity that was conducted on the Rotary Day of Service.

It does not matter whether or not there are already protection regulations such as a quasi-national park designation by the government.

We hope that this photo contest will inspire Rotary to come up with ideas for new conservation projects.

*Applicants from Rotary clubs are expected to have activities on September 18th, Rotary Day of Service.

 Application method

Please upload your image within the application form (size max. 2MB)

When applying make sure to include the following details:

  • Name (real name)
  • Nickname (for publication)
  • Nationality (for publication)
  • Address
  • E-mail address for contact purposes

Please apply from the URL below. (The application period has currently not started yet)

 Submission period

2022/8/1Monto 2022/12/31Sat

After screening, the selected photos will be posted on this webpage. If your photo has not been selected, please note that we will not contact you.


Please contact us from the mail form.

 Judging and winner announcement

The winners will be selected and announced after strict screening by the judges from the executive committee. The award ceremony had been scheduled for late November to early December 2022.

The following awards will be awarded:

  • Governor Award (1 person)
  • Former Governor Award (3 persons)
  • Assistant Governor Award (8 persons)